Government Grand Duchy
Ruler Grand Duke Duce
Population 18
Races Human, one Elf
Alignment Neutral
Statue Erathis (destroyed)

The city of Ironside was once the central trade position of the entire continent of Akkadia. Located at the cross roads between Kordalia and Bronzebarrow, it benefited from an almost-constant supply of merchants and visitors on their way to either city.

Ironside was decimated when the Quarter Knight Bel Selkar and his abyssal hoard attacked it in order to destroy the statue of Erathis. Although the city was amply warned and prepared an admirable defense, it simply was not enough to stem the never-ending demonic tides.

Notable People in Ironside

Duke Duce – Grand Duchy of Ironside and head of the royal council. Elected after King Adelyde was murdered at the hands of a doppleganger claiming to be the prince

Emma Watson - Chief archaeologist and head chair of the committee to rebuild Ironside.

Faun - Emma’s assistant, only non-human resident of Ironside.

The Wizard - Mysterious spellcaster, lives on an island in the river which runs through Ironside, responsible for Bel Selkar’s retreat.

In addition, a small contingency of 8 soldiers currently defends the city, as well as the remainder of the royal council. The surviving population was evacuated to Bronzebarrow shortly after the demon attack.


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