While on a routine expedition through a forgotten Eladrin temple, a group of explorers stumble upon a mysterious relic that seems trapped between dimensions. Now, caught up in a mysterious demonic plot involving the statues of the pantheon, and seemingly followed by a never-ending wake of destruction, they are one of the few forces capable of standing against the abyssal threat in an otherwise war-ravaged world.

The Harbingers are led primarily by Meta, the Tiefling Avenger of Avandra, who is on a quest to discover who he is, as well as to unravel the mystery of where he came from and the identity of his parents. Benyamin the Destined is a Dragonborn Sorcerer, Meta’s long-time companion and fellow orphan, as well as the party’s primary item analyzer and only arcane magic user. Viz Immeral, Eladrin Cleric of Sehanine, and one of the last of his species in this world, was responsible for the original forming of the party. Though he was originally on the quest merely to turn a profit, he has found a renewed sense of self in his comrades, and continues to tag along. Rizzuto, Minotaur Fighter, is the brawn of the party and specializes in intimidation tactics and interrogation. He is on a quest to recover his wife’s horns after his village was attacked by poachers, and hopes to find clues in his travels. Finally, Briggs Riot, Half-Orc Ranger and Ironbow specialist wants revenge for his fallen Captain, as well as the recovery of his ship, the Queen Anne, which was destroyed by a mysterious cloaked demon.

The Harbingers